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Wolf of the Blood Moon: A Blood Magic Lycanthrope LitRPG



When a Demonic Assault occurs,most people stuck inside of a Fracture end up hiding inside of a bunker in the hopes that they don’t end up killed by a demon. Others might even hope for the slightest possible chance at signing a contract with a spirit and becoming a Guardian. What they don’t expect is to become a demon themselves. Exactly two centuries ago,humanity was struck with their very first Demonic Assault. The skies above the capital of the US,shattering as if made of glass;demons of all kinds appearing out of nowhere;and no way to effectively stop them before the end of the Assault. On the brink of devastation,some of the humans managed to find themselves offered a contract whilst inside of a Fracture. Who these beings are that are offering these contracts,the humans don’t know.Nor do they care. All they care about is that by becoming a Guardian,they were offered a chance. A chance to rebuild. A chance at life. And,in the case of those Guardians,a chance at power,fame,
Latest Chapter: B6 | Chapter 34
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