Chapter 2822 – It’s Great to be Alive (END)  

“Big Brother Yang!” Along with that call, the young man’s finger twitched. At the same time, the claws of the white little fellow lying on his body trembled as well.

Yang Ye gradually opened his eyes. He glanced blankly at the sky, and a short while later, he looked down at Snowy who was lying on his chest.

Yang Ye rubbed her head, “Wake up!”

As soon as he spoke, Snowy gradually opened her eyes. She cracked a smile upon seeing him, and then hugged him tight.

Yang Ye stood up while hugging Snowy in his arms, and a petite young girl was standing before him.


When he saw Erya, tears couldn’t help but flow down his face.

Erya gazed at Yang Ye and Snowy, and her tears couldn’t help but flow as well!

Erya was alive!

She’d forcibly resisted an attack from Destiny! That attack hadn’t been able to annihilate her. However, her main body had been destroyed again, and it had seriously injured her. She’d suffered similar injuries as she had all those years ago!

Yang Ye walked over to her and hugged her gently while Snowy tightly hugged Erya’s neck. The three of them just hugged each other for a long, long time…

A long time passed before a woman in a red dress walked over slowly from afar!

Ding Shaoyao!

Yang Ye gazed at her, she gazed at Yang Ye, and then she smiled, but just a moment later, she started crying.

Since Yang Ye laid there on the rock, she’d been here practically every day, no matter rain or shine!


She was willing to wait until the end of time!

Yang Ye led Erya and Snowy over to Ding Shaoyao, and she spoke softly, “I thought you wouldn’t wake up again.”

Yang Ye gently wiped off the tears on her face, “I’m sorry…”

She shook her head, “It’s great that you’re awake, that’s all that matters!”

Yang Ye nodded and led Ding Shaoyao to Eternal Kingdom.

Universe City had been rebuilt.

As they traveled, Ding Shaoyao spoke softly, “The situation here is stable. Your order is being abided by the entire universe. While it’s impossible to produce absolute peace, everything is developing in a good direction. No one is acting as they please. Of course, the precondition would be that their strength doesn’t surpass Universe City… As for the Four Dimensional Universe’s experts, they have remained peaceful until now and have not caused any trouble, nor do they dare to. After all, you’re still alive…”

Suddenly, Yang Ye shook his head.

Ding Shaoyao gazed at Yang Ye, and he spoke softly, “I only want to live for all of you now.”

She gazed at him in silence.

Yang Ye took her hand and brought her into the Primordial Pagoda. In the pagoda, Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, Zhuang Weiran, Bai Zhixian, and all the others arrived before Yang Ye.

As he gazed at all of these familiar faces, Yang Ye smiled, “It’s great to be alive!”

After that, he spent all his time with them.

Just like that, day after day passed. In the blink of an eye, 10 years had passed, and Yang Ye still hadn’t left the Primordial Pagoda, nor had he cultivated or paid any attention to the Three Dimensional Universe’s affairs.

Throughout these 10 years, he did just one thing, accompanying the people by his side!During this time, he invited the women from the Nether Pavilion, Nanli Meng, the disciples of the Ancient Sword Sect… In short, he invited everyone he knew to Universe City.

A get together!

Unfortunately, some weren’t here anymore…

One day.

Yang Ye brought Snowy and Erya to the Ascension Platform.

Erya was eating a tanghulu. She took a lick, and then passed it to Snowy to do the same.

The two little fellows didn’t mind sharing it at all.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended upon the Ascension Platform, and there were three corpses there.

Tian Xiu! The woman in white! The woman in black!

Yang Ye just stood there and gazed at them. He stood there from the morning until night arrived, and he continued until the next day. As for Erya and Snowy, they just remained by his side as well.


Yang Ye spoke softly, “I will resurrect all of you, no matter the cost!”

As he spoke, he gazed at his palm. There were some specks of light there.

He’d used his Sword Domain to forcibly preserve them after Qi Bitian had detonated herself.

If it was his past Sword Domain, he wouldn’t have been able to sense all of this, but after he attained the Sword Domain of All, he was able to sense many more profound things!

Of course, he sensed a universe that was of a higher level as well.

The place the Unfettered One and Destiny’s strongest form had gone to!

He could sense that place too!

Suddenly, Yang Ye gazed at the Ascension Platform. He frowned slightly and unleashed his Sword Domain. Under the Sword Domain’s effects, Yang Ye noticed that a formation was actually hidden within the Ascension Platform!

A formation?

It wasn’t just a formation that was hidden, there were some words there too, “The Grand Dao always leaves an opportunity…”

Yang Ye was stunned by the sight of these words!

They were almost identical to what was recorded in that scripture of his.

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while, and then he used the Sword Domain to inspect the formation. He looked along the teleportation pathway of the formation, and his divine sense kept stretching further and further… In the end, he was stunned.

He’d left the Three Dimensional Universe, and his divine sense wasn’t in the Four Dimensional Universe either… It was a brand new and unknown place!

Yang Ye stared at the Ascension Platform for a very long time.

In the end, he glanced at Tian Xiu and the others’ corpses, and then he left the pagoda with Snowy and Erya.

Yang Ye went to Ding Shaoyao, “Come with me!”

She was stunned by this.

Yang Ye spoke softly, “Let’s leave!”

Ding Shaoyao pondered deeply for a moment, and then she gazed at a woman in a green dress, “Little Meng, I’ll leave it all to you now!”

The woman in a green dress was Nanli Meng!

Nanli Meng glanced at Yang Ye, “You’re leaving?”Yang Ye nodded, “I want everyone I care about to live well.”

Nanli Meng asked, “You plan to reverse death?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Nanli Meng spoke solemnly, “I’m afraid… that isn’t realistic!”

Yang Ye replied softly, “I know, but I will work hard to accomplish it!”

She glanced at him and didn’t say another word.

Yang Ye smiled, “Miss Nanli, see you!”

He took Ding Shaoyao’s hand, and then they returned to the Ascension Platform along with Erya and Snowy.

Yang Ye gazed at Snowy, and the latter waved her paw. A strand of spirit energy enveloped the Ascension Platform, and a moment of silence ensued before the platform shook violently.

A moment later, a huge formation enveloped the entire Primordial Pagoda.

At the same time, a speck of light flashed in the sky above Eternal Kingdom.

A short while later, a sword descended from the clouds.


It just floated there in the sky above Eternal Kingdom!

And it continued floating there for 10,000 years.

Meanwhile, in another world, a ray of sword energy soundlessly appeared. Yang Ye appeared there, and there were two people standing not too far ahead of him.

The Unfettered One and the strongest form of Destiny!

Destiny glanced at Yang Ye and grinned, “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Yang Ye gazed at the Unfettered One, and the latter spoke softly, “It’s a little difficult to deal with it.”

Yang Ye looked ahead, and a tall, black pagoda was floating there just 3km away from them. The pagoda was 3km tall, and there were four huge, pillar-thick chains wrapped around it.

The entire pagoda was pitch black and ghastly!

Above the door to the 1st floor were two blood red words—Dimensional Prison.

And on either side of the door was a row of blood red words that seemed like they were meant to be a form of poetry.

On the left: The heavens, the earth, the demons and gods, shall be trapped within.

On the right: The Dao, Destiny, and all immortals, shall be imprisoned within.

Suddenly, the black pagoda shook, and then nine beams of light that were of different colors shot out from the pagoda!

A solemn expression practically instantly appeared on all three of their faces, and then all of them shot at the pagoda with swords in hand!

The End.

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