Chapter 2514: Chapter 2529: never leave, never abandon, never abandon, never leave (end)


Yan Huan did not understand for a moment. "What went in?"

"Drug abuse, drug trafficking, life sentence. Trust me."Lu Yi met Yan Huan’s eyes, "In this life, no one will save him. He will be in prison for the rest of his life. He will be in prison until the day he dies."

Yan Huan wanted to give Lu Yi a round of applause. He guessed that even if Lu Yi was not the mastermind, he must be the instigator. He would definitely do it. As for Lu Qin, as long as he went in, there would only be Qin Xiaoyue, she would not be able to turn over a new leaf?

As for Su Muran, he should have found out about that illness by now.

Her illness could not be cured, and her death was predictable. No one could save her. This was what she had to endure as Su Muran, and it was also her fate.

And she... would die.

The night was like a monster that swallowed people. Zhu Meina hugged her stomach, and her forehead was covered in cold sweat. If she wanted to run, she had to run. Otherwise, something would happen to her stomach and her people. She did not want this child to die, and she did not want to die either.

But now, she did not know where she was going to run to. She only knew that she could not stop, absolutely not.

Until a car stopped in front of her. The car door opened and a woman walked out of the car. The woman took off the sunglasses on her face, this was the first time Zhu Meina saw a face that almost made her cry.

And she really cried.

"Save me..."

She asked the woman for help. It was as if she was an angel who could save her. He would never forget the woman’s smile at that time and the kind of déjà vu she had once had.

Later, the woman took her to a place and found a nanny for her. She did not come to see her, but everything that should have been given to her was given to her. She actually did not know why she saved her, it was as if they had never interacted before.

Later, she wondered if it was because they were both mothers. Although the woman in her stomach was not conceived voluntarily, she was also a mother. She heard that the woman was also a mother, she gave birth to triplets, two boys and a girl. The movie she made was also a big hit. She had been a winner in life all her life. She really could not feel that there was someone more suitable for this term than her. A few months later, she gave birth to a boy. Of course, her son could not save her sister. When she heard about her son’s blood type, she smiled.

"Hehe, that’s great, that’s great. You had so many tricks up your sleeve, but in the end, you were still able to defeat Fate."

She brought her son back to the Su family with swagger. When she saw the furious faces of Su Muran and her daughter, she really felt very happy. Only now did she know that her so-called aunt.., had always treated her like a dog and raised her like an idiot. Now that her daughter was sick, was she going to let her niece take her place?

Her heart was filled with extreme hatred. Of course, she had to take revenge. She wanted to see how the daughter who was treated like a princess would look like when she was half-dead.

She was very proud. She was very happy. She was also very crazy.

However, one day, her son disappeared. He was lost. And all of this was definitely not done by that woman. Who else could it be?

She originally thought that she did not like that child because that child was a bastard. She did not want it. It was also a bastard who ruined her life and ruined her life. However, after the child was lost..,

when she looked at the child’s photo, she realized that she loved that child. That was her child, her son, no matter who his father was? That was her child, but her child was lost, gone.

And before she could take revenge, she was sold one day by Zhu Xianglan to a man called brother long.

She was forced to bargain with them like she was selling cheap pork, and she could do nothing but hate.

She knew that she was going to be sold, and she knew that she might die too.

She knew that Zhu Xianglan would not let her go, and she also knew that she might not be able to take revenge in this lifetime.

When she opened her eyes again, she saw a woman’s face and the child in her arms. When she saw the child, she could not help but burst into tears.

Her throat was filled with sobs.

She missed her child so much. She wanted her child, but her child would never come back.

Zhu Xianglan had sold her child, which was the same as selling her.

Yan Huan could save her, but he could not save her child.

And she wanted to live. Yes, she was still alive. She would definitely not die. No matter how difficult it was, she had to personally witness the fate of Zhu Xianglan and her daughter? She wanted to see their retribution. She had to live longer and longer than them.

A year later, due to SU Muran’s severe thalassemia, the unique blood type of XI, and the only daughter in the family, she died within a year. Zhu Xianglan almost went crazy, however, no matter how crazy she was, she could not save her daughter. From the beginning to the end, Su Qingdong did not suspect Yan Huan’s identity. Of course, he could not know that Yan Huan’s bone marrow could actually save her daughter.


What was this called?

God will take care of the bad guys.

"You can go back."Yan Huan walked over with a sleeping child in his arms.

Zhu Meina raised her eyelids. "Why should I go back? I just need to know that that woman is dead. Now, my wishes have been fulfilled. Su Muran is dead, Zhu Xianglan is crazy. My revenge has been taken." "But..."as she spoke, she covered her face and started crying. "But my son is gone too."

"This is for you."

Yan Huan placed the child in his arms in front of Zhu Xiang Lan.

Zhu Xiang Lan carefully held the child in her arms, tears and snot flowing down her face. She hugged the child tightly in her arms, almost crying her heart out.

She missed her son.

Yan Huan stretched out his hand and placed it on Zhu Meina’s shoulder. "Kick Zhu Xianglan out. Those are all yours. They’re destined to be yours."

"You’re giving your son to me?"

Zhu Meina sniffled again. "Is that so? Yan Huan, you’re so generous. You’re so kind."

Yan Huan rolled his eyes. How could she be someone else’s mother? He was clearly her son. When did he become someone else’s Son? Besides, she was her own son. How could she bear to give him away?

"Zhu Meina, are you thinking too much?"

"Take a good look at this child’s appearance."

Yan Huan stood up. If she really couldn’t recognize her, she would directly kick Zhu Meina down the stairs. Such a stupid woman, why was she still alive? What a waste of Earth’s air.

Not long after she left, she heard Zhu Meina’s cries like a pig being slaughtered.

She finally recognized him, right? She had been carrying this child for a year. Why didn’t she recognize her own child.

Yan Huan really felt that she had been worried to death for Zhu Meina. Not only did she have to think of ways to save her time and time again, but she also had to steal children in the middle of the night. She had three children of her own, however, she gave birth to one more child, and it was her biological younger brother.

She knew that in her previous life, Zhu Meina’s greatest regret was that she did not manage to keep her son. Therefore, in this life, she had helped her keep her son. It could also be considered as leaving a queen for the Su family.

Of course, her blood had used another method to repay the SU family’s kindness in giving birth. When she walked back, she saw Lu Yi sitting at the side. He had his notebook on his lap, and there were three cradles beside him. From time to time, he would use his hands to shake one and another.

Their three children had finally returned.

Yan Huan walked over and squatted down.

"Lu Yi, don’t you think we will have a next life?"action

Lu Yi stretched out his hand and placed it on Yan Huan’s hair, gently comforting him.

"We have walked for so long that we have no regrets in this life. If there is, it is what we earned. If there isn’t, we also have no regrets, right?"

"Perhaps when we grow old and our lives are about to end, when we open our eyes again, we will return to the age when we were the most youthful. We will be able to change those mistakes and persevere in those who were right."

They were also the most important people who had found themselves.

In their lives, they would never leave, never abandon, never leave.

They were also the people who were willing to have lovers in the world and eventually get married. They also hoped that one day, they would truly have a second chance at life and have no worries for the rest of their lives.