Wedding (3) (Finale)

Mother Lu: “…”

“Xiao Yan, I’ve heard what you said.”

Huang Xiaoyan obediently closed her mouth.

Old Master Qin and the rest had arranged for a few bridesmaids to make things difficult for Fu Hanchuan when he came to pick up the bride. Who knew that Huang Xiaoyan, the mole, would appear?

She told Fu Hanchuan all the answers.

Fu Hanchuan easily took Qin Sheng to the hotel.

When Old Master Qin and the rest found out about this, they gritted their teeth. “I didn’t expect Fu Hanchuan to escape.”

“What should we do next?” Old Master Lin asked with a frown.

Old Master Qin gave a mysterious smile. “Don’t worry. We still have other means to deal with Fu Hanchuan.”

Old Master Lin thought of the methods arranged by Old Master Qin and heaved a sigh of relief.

The netizens who were waiting in front of the live broadcast also saw Qin Sheng in her wedding dress.

Everyone was amazed.

[F*ck, this is too beautiful. It’s indeed my Sister Sheng.]

[Goddess, you’re so beautiful!]

[It’s over. I can’t bear to see Sister Sheng marry Fu Hanchuan. Brothers, are there any groups to snatch the bride?]

[Previous poster, you can go by yourself. I will support you mentally.]

[I will also support you spiritually. Moreover, I have a conscience. I will collect your corpse.]


Meanwhile, at the Qin Hotel, at the wedding venue.

As the blessings and solemn wedding proceeded.

The wedding officially began.

Qin Yufei held Qin Sheng’s hand as they walked down the runway and handed Qin Sheng to Fu Hanchuan.

Qin Yufei’s expression was serious. “Fu Hanchuan, you have to treat Sheng Sheng well. Otherwise, I’ll definitely bring her back to the Qin family.”

Fu Hanchuan nodded with certainty. “Dad, don’t worry.”

Qin Yufei felt that the word ‘Dad’ was harsh to his ears, but it was a wedding today, so he really couldn’t say anything. Besides, they were married, so it was understandable for Fu Hanchuan to call him ‘Dad’.

Qin Yu flew off the stage.

Lin Feng had slipped to Huang Xiaoyan’s side at some point. “Xiaoyan, when can we get married?” Huang Xiaoyan’s ears turned slightly red, but she still said stubbornly, “Get married? Let’s spend a few more years outside of the Capital.”

“Sister Sheng is already married. It’s not too late for us to get married too,” Lin Feng muttered.

Huang Xiaoyan glared at him. “Sheng Sheng and Teacher Fu have been together for four years. It’s understandable for them to get married. We’ve only been together for a year, and you’re already thinking about getting married?”

Lin Feng rubbed his nose and stopped talking.

The priest began to recite the oath.

After receiving Fu Hanchuan’s response, he turned to Qin Sheng and asked, “Miss Qin Sheng, are you willing to marry Mr. Fu Hanchuan? Will you always protect Mr. Fu Hanchuan, be it in poverty or wealth, in health, or in illness?”

Fu Hanchuan’s eyes were locked on Qin Sheng.

Although he knew that Qin Sheng would not reject him, his palms were still covered in sweat. He was nervous.

Qin Sheng looked at the man in front of her.

Her eyes were moist.

In her previous life, he had always been by her side. In this life, she finally did not let him down.

Qin Sheng smiled. “I’m willing.”

Priest: “The bride and groom may exchange rings.”

Fu Hanchuan put the ring on Qin Sheng’s finger.

Fu Hanchuan also put on the ring.

He could no longer hold it in. He grabbed Qin Sheng’s lips and kissed her deeply.

Thunderous applause erupted from the surroundings.

Xie Hen walked in. There was a very strong smell of alcohol on his body.

He happened to see this scene. He stared at the two lovey-dovey people on the stage. After some struggle, his face revealed a look of relief.

A series of rituals were completed.

Qin Sheng and Fu Hanchuan came to toast the guests.

Xie Hen brought a glass of red wine to Qin Sheng. “Xiao Sheng, I had a very important contract to settle just now. I’m sorry for being late.”

“Welcome, Xie Hen,” Fu Hanchuan answered on her behalf.


Xie Hen narrowed his eyes at Fu Hanchuan. “Fu Hanchuan, treat Xiao Sheng well…”

Otherwise, he would snatch Qin Sheng away without hesitation…

Fu Hanchuan chuckled. “Of course.”

A smile appeared on Xie Hen’s face. “Go and entertain the other guests.” They left.

Xie Hen held Fu Hanchuan and Qin Sheng’s departing figures.

“Xiao Sheng, you must be happy…”

Xie Hen raised his head and drank the red wine in his hand.

The Qin family, the Lin family, and Old Master Lu sat around a table.

“Wait a minute,” Old Master Qin instructed. “You guys have to work harder. You have to get Fu Hanchuan drunk.”

“Grandpa Qin, are you sure Fu Hanchuan will get drunk?” Lin Haocheng asked uncertainly.

Lin Haocheng thought that his alcohol tolerance was also very good.

There was a time when he wanted to get Fu Hanchuan drunk, but he was the one who fell first.

Old Master Qin nodded confidently. “Don’t worry, he’ll definitely get drunk.”

However, after waiting for ten minutes, Fu Hanchuan and Qin Sheng were still nowhere to be seen.

Fifteen minutes later, Qin Yufei sensed that something was wrong.

He frowned, stood up, and said, “I’ll go and see where Sheng Sheng is first.”

However, Qin Yufei searched around but could not find Qin Sheng.

He returned to his seat and massaged the space between his eyebrows. He felt a headache coming on. “Sheng Sheng was probably taken away by Fu Hanchuan.”

Old Master Qin: “…”

The others in their seats: “…”

Old Master Qin was so angry that his chest heaved up and down. “Go and find them immediately! Fu Hanchuan is indeed not a well-behaved boy!” action

Qin Yufei opened his eyes with a headache. “I’ve already arranged for someone to go, but it’s very difficult to find.”


At night, on an island, there was a very luxurious villa.

Qin Sheng stood on the balcony in a wedding dress. There was an ocean not far away.

Fu Hanchuan walked over and hugged Qin Sheng from behind.

“Sheng Sheng.”

His voice was gentle.

Fu Hanchuan held Qin Sheng’s hand with both hands, and the corners of his lips could not help but curl up. “We’re finally husband and wife.”

Qin Sheng turned around and stood on her tiptoes, pressing her forehead against Fu Hanchuan’s.

“Brother Fu, I love you.”

The coldness on Qin Sheng’s face disappeared and was replaced by a rare shyness.

“Sheng Sheng, I love you too.”

The two of them kissed under the moonlight…